Domestic Compact Treatment Solutions

Our compact wastewater treatment plants that can be built as metal or concrete are produced with BioTeK lisence for populations equivalent of 50-5000.

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Our BioTeK® brand is registered by  Turkish Patent and Trademark Office,and is seen worthy of Quality Conformity Certificate and Manufacturing Qualification Certificate by Turkish Standards Institution.

Advantages of BioTeK domestic compact treatment systems:

  1. ÇevreTeK warranty : During the production phases of the system,scientific and economic approaches are taken.
  2. Full Guarantee for 3 years:Our systems are guaranteed for 3 years.
  3. Turn-key Projects: We do not offer you just a product,but the benefit produced.
  4. High-Efficiency:System has a efficiency rating as 98%
  5. High Quality:All the components used in the facility posseses ISO and TSE norms.
  6. Advanced Technology:Our systems are empowered by R&D activities and uses the up-to-date technology.
  7. Environmental Standards Warranty : System’s output water standards fulfil recieving environment dischargement standards that are determined by Environmental Law Water Pollution Control Regulation.
  8. Clean water output : System produces an output of clean and unscented water
  9. Fully Automaticness : Our systems are PLC-controlled and requires no qualified personnel.With the operating instruction,a security guard or gardener can easily operate the plant by running through daily checks.
  10. Minimum need of space:System requires minimum space.ÇevreTeK acquires expertize at placing optimization.
  11. Hygienic operation : System never causes scent or leakage.
  12. Quiet operation : System runs very efficiently and quietly.
  13. Low Costs : Energy consumption and need of space is always minimum.Specific solutions can be created where there is not enough space.
  14. Easy activation : System can be easily activated and disabled by disabling at dead seasons.
  15. Free consultancy : For establishments that work seasonally intensively like hotels or holiday villages,free consultancy services are given at the beginning of each season in order to activate the operations.
  16. Recycling : Treated water can be recovered to be used at garden watering.
  17. Waste Minimization : Sludge level produced at the system at minimum.
  18. Supplement of spare parts:Plants are supplied by spare parts
  19. Periodic Maintenances : System’s efficiency is kept under control with our periodic visits and samples we take in the course of guarantee period.
  20. Diverse payment plans : Payment plans adjusted to needs with broad payment options,crediting and leasing options are rendered possible.


Thanks to the advantages it creates,BioTeK domestic compact treatment systems are the best solutions for domestic wastewater produced by especially holiday villages,hotels,schools,hospitals and sinks,showers and toilets of factory restrooms.Our systems can be planted under or above the ground adjusted to the place of use.