Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Services provided for installation of your industrial wastewater treatment by ÇevreTeK includes necessary feasibility studies,planning,process selection,basic and advanced engineering services,laboratory and pilot facility tests,domestic or external equipment  supply,equipment production,construction or supervisions,instrumentations or facility automation,assembly works,surface protection,preparement of operations and maintenance instructions and operation of facility.

Our firm consists of a team that strives to turn their professional creativities into smart investmets.Our team starts the project with a preliminary investigation.They determine the needed conditions and neccesities according to measurements and evaluations done.Process desiging and project designing phases are realized subject to the basic criterias.All of the needed laboratory and pilot facility tests are performed by us.Within all these project and engineering processes,our main goal is to provide the design that adresses the needs

Our fundamental principle is to use the highest standard and level electromechanic equipments during the application phase of the projected systems.Equipments that are going to be used are supplied subject to that principle.Our attachment of importance to craftsmanship quality is a key fact that seperates our firm among the others.

In all of the turn-key processes we offer to your side,a unproblematic and easy-working automation and instrumentation supply releases you from the burden of operating and provides a smooth operation.

Our industrial wastewater treatment facilites that are built to recover or dispose the wastewater caused by industrial plants,factories or organized industrial sites may show differences subject to the sector and wastewater characteristics and can be listed as:

-Chemical and/or Biologic Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

-Sheet Metal Chemical Compact Wastewater Treatment Systems

-Wastewater Recovery Systems

-Compact Oil/Grease seperators

-Fully-Automatic Neutrolization Units

-Chemical Preparation and Dosing Units

-Heavy Metal Detoxification Units

-Chrome Reduction Units

-Precaution Facilities

-Sludge Dewatering Systems

-Wastewater Treatment Facility Equipments


Advantages of our Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems:

  1. ÇevreTeK Assurance : During the production phases of the system,scientific and economic approaches are taken.
  2. Turn-Key Projects : Project is presented to the customer not as a product,but as a solution.
  3. Minimum Operating Costs:With the studies made during the operating phase,optimization is obtained on factors that on factors that affect operating costs(eg : chemicals,energy consumption ).
  4. High Quality:All the components used in the facility posseses ISO and TSE norms.
  5. Environmental Standards Warranty : System’s output water standards fulfil recieving environment dischargement standards that are determined by Environmental Law Water Pollution Control Regulation.
  6. Fully Automaticness : Our systems are PLC-controlled and requires no qualified personnel.
  7. Recycling : Treated water can be recovered to be used at garden watering.
  8. Support After Delivery : System’s efficiency is kept under control with our periodic visits and samples we take in the course of guarantee period.

Output water of our facilities’ fulfilment of environment dischargement standards that are determined by Environmental Law Water Pollution Control Regulation is guaranteed by our company.