Project and Engineering

With the Project and engineering services provided by our experienced team,you can support your environmental investments with a solid and sturdy infrastructure.

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Implementation and Contracting

Our fundamental principle is to use the highest standard and level electromechanic equipments during the application phase of the projected systems.

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Maintenance and Consultancy

It is possible for you to return your environmental investments into rational and stable investments with the consultancy services we can provide.

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We are focused to

ÇevreTeK is established to provide effective,qualified and accurate solutions to your wastewater treatment and water treatment demands.Our company performs treatment systems applications at national and international fields at various scales.ÇevreTeK works with a well-versed staff to offer you the optimal treatment solutions.Besides,ÇevreTeK always aims to stay close to you with the solution partners nationwide and representations among countries in the region.With this attitude,ÇevreTeK has executed hundreds of treatment projects with outstanding customer satisfaction.