Why ÇevreTeK?

ÇevreTeK is established to provide effective,qualified and accurate solutions to your wastewater treatment and water treatment demands.

Our company performs treatment systems applications at national and international fields at various scales.
ÇevreTeK works with a well-versed staff to offer you the optimal treatment solutions.Besides,ÇevreTeK always aims to stay close to you with the solution partners nationwide and representations among countries in the region.

With this attitude,ÇevreTeK has executed hundreds of treatment projects with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Special Solutions for your Busines
Just like other engineering disciplines,treatment solutions has different compatibility definitions that varies subject to the application field.Waste water of a hostpital is no similiar to a hotel waste water,treatment demands of metal sector and chemistry sector is always different.ÇevreTeK offers you the exclusive solution with the help of its various sector and application experiences.These may be ordered as:

-Metal Sector
-Food and Agriculture Sector
-Chemistry Sector
-Textile Sector
-Settlement Units (Houses,Hotels,Hospitals)

Our company offers you special solutions in the economic and aesthetical ways just as the technical ways.ÇevreTeK provides different color and design options that can create an aesthetical harmony at the application field.Also payment plans adjusted to your sector with broad payment options,crediting and leasing options are rendered possible.

Most Convenient Treatment Solution
ÇevreTeK operates to present you the most convenient treatment solution.We do not offer you just a product,but the benefit produced.Therefore,conveniences our company offers can be summarized as:

-The optimal treatment solution modified for your priorities being offered.
-Hundreds of our customers using similiar solutions being satisfied.
-The environment being preserved and contribution being made to a world that our children can live happily at.
-The solution offered being fit into your business’ perspective in terms of technical and economical views.
-Any legal obligations being met without any deficients.
-Close support being served to you for the lifespan of treatment solution.
-The solution having the top price/quality performance.
-Access being served to all water treatment solutions single handedly
-Purchase,installation and service processes adjusted to maximize your comfort.
Çözümlerimizin Karakteristikleri- Characteristics of our Solutions
-Low initial cost
-Low operating cost
-Low energy consumption
-Less need of space
-Automated operating needing minimal human intervention.
-Durability to external effects and corrosion
-Advanced and problem-free technology level
-High efficiency
-Operation without smell and leakage.
-Quiet operation.
-Activation and deactivation options that offers handy operation.
-Suitibility to recycle
-Waste minimization

Technological Expertise
Our company implements environment management applications on an international basis and works with a team that devote themselves to offer the optimal and convenient treatment solutions that are modified according to your needs.Our expertise and leadership in the sector is a cause of pride for us.

While consistently offering new Technologies and solutions,ÇevreTeK also aims to carry the perspective of creating values to corporations.

Our company constantly develops the Technologies applied by national and international research & development cooperations.In this manner ÇevreTeK transfers the academical and practical knowledge that are going to let you be a step ahead.

ÇevreTeK uses the efficient,advanced and up-to-date technology starting from Project stage until service stage.

Reliable Friendship
The reliance we offer is an important part of the solution.ÇevreTeK strives to be worthy of hunderds of customers that rely on them and always aims to work hard with experience and dignity.
The most important values in our relationships with customers we offer solutions to is,forming a cooperation with good intentions,honesty and transparency.

ÇevreTeK Quality
With the active participation of employees,ÇevreTeK pledges to supply a quality level that meets or exceeds the customer expectations at all the services and products it presents.

ÇevreTeK attains customer satisfaction by ensuring that all the business processes are operated precisely.

Our quality management system has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 by American Quality System Registrars(AQSR) and ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

Our firm includes brands ÇevreTeK® and BioTeK® which are registered by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office,and is seen worthy of Quality Conformity Certificate and Manufacturing Qualification Certificate by Turkish Standards Institution.

All the solutions we provide are being designed to be eligible for national and international standards.